hello I make puzzles and games. I hope you're okay with that.


logic puzzles

I made a bunch of Japanese-style logic puzzles which you can find on Twitter by searching #rabbitpuzzles. Yes I know Twitter is not long for this world. I want to upload the puzzles here someday. No time to do everything I want to do.

cryptic crosswords

I have a bunch of crosswords, mostly cryptic crosswords, on a blog on Crosshare. Try them. You might even like them.


interactive fiction

Vampire Ltd (2020): Infiltrate a business rival's corporate campus to commit sabotage, and also you're a vampire and so is he. A ~60-minute game controlled by text parser (like Zork and that kind of game), with a few mild puzzles and a few good jokes. Took 13th place in the 26th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition.

other puzzle games

Arcane (2019): Run through little one-screen dungeons collecting gems. You can rearrange blocks by clicking to pick them up and put them down wherever they'll fit. letting you open up passages and weigh down pressure plates. Downloadable .exe file for Windows only (sorry!). Inspired by DROD. I want to do much more with this someday.

credits for testing other people's games

I've had a small hand in the following:


You may also find me on:


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